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Wynn Casino Macau

Overseas Project

Architectural Sails received its second international Outstanding Achievement Award for this project in partnership with Unison Projects (HK) on the New Wynn Casino Macau.  The project involved eighty-five membrane awnings fitted around the exterior of the building.

Wynn Casino

 Membrane fabric Awnings on the exterior of the Casino entrance.

Eyelid Awnings

At the exterior of the Wynn Casino in Macau

Membrane Awning

Close up of the awning showing the lights and the fabricated scallop edges.

Awning at night

At night the lights on the awning show the shape and give a beautiful outline to the Tiffany & Co window.

Curved awning

Close up of the fabric membrane curved awning.

Eyelid Awning

The membrane awning over the top of the Dior window in the Casino. 

Night Awnings

Awnings at night with lights on. 

Eyelid Awning

Eyelid Awning at night over Louis Vuitton window on outside of Casino.