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Bermuda - Canitliver Umbrella Range

This range of Umbrellas designed as permanent structures and provides an offset support post enabling the whole area under the Canopy to be utilised.
These umbrellas are essentially a small scale tension membrane structure and are fully engineered.
Rotating models offering full 360 degree swing are available.
The underside is clean and appealing.  The large area covered makes these structures popular with restaurants and resorts.

Cantilever Models

Sizes are 3 metre, 4 metre, 5 metre. Available in square & hexagonal models. The SQUARE models may be joined toform a longer  canopy. HEXAGONALS may be grouped in threes & fours.
Choose from fixed or unique rotating models.

Cantilever range

 Building owners sought a high wind rated series of Cantilever Umbrellas to the sports club podium.
Owing to the exposed nature of the site we installed 6 x 3metre fixed cantilever 'Bermuda' range units.  These Umbrellas are rated W41 (150 km/h) and have already experienced and withstood winds to 120 km/h.
To avoid corrosion in the very high salt atmosphere, the umbrellas were hot dip galvanised after fabrication and have all stainless steel fittings and plated components.