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Umbrellas - Bermuda / Montego Range

The Bermuda Range Umbrellas are essentially small scale tensioned membrane designs - Fully engineered with clean lines and no ugly wires under the canopy.
The Monego Range Umbrellas are a collapsible range, while still providing a high wind rating and are designed for the client who may not require a permanent structure.

Bermuda - Canitliver Umbrella Range

This range of Umbrellas designed as permanent structures and provides an offset support post enabling the whole area under the Canopy to be utilised.
These umbrellas are essentially a small scale tension membrane structure and are fully engineered.
Rotating models offering full 360 degree swing are available.
The underside is clean and appealing.  The large area covered makes these structures popular with restaurants and resorts.

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Bermuda - Centre Post Umbrella

The Centre Post models offer the same uncluttered appearance and provide excellent sun and rain protection.  100% UV Blockout of direct rays.
These Umbrellas are permanent structures and offer durability and long service life for Commercial and Residential use.  Clear side curtains are available as an optional accessory.

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Standard Sizes are 3 metre, 4 metre, and 5 metre.

SQUARE canopies can be joined to form different configurations.
HEXAGONAL canopies are available in the standard size range
Wind rated:  W33 - 120 kph / W41 - 150 kph.

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Hypar Umbrella

Engineered Hypar Umbrellas.
Standard sizes available 3metres to 10metres.
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Montego Range Umbrella

The Montego Range is a range of collapsible umbrellas designed for applications where the client for any reason does not require a permanent fixed structure.
Whilst being collapsible the Montego range still provides a high wind rating and is able to stay up in all but the most extreme conditions.
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